Monday, December 17, 2012

{Southern California Family Portraits} Scarpace Family

I was so excited to take these Brian and Katie's Family portraits this year! We've been friends since I was at least 13 or 14 years old! We've been present for so many life experiences over the years. When they met and dated. I sang in there wedding. When Katie had both of her boys, they were also at my wedding. We ended up pregnant at around the same time with our girls and she did a great baby shower for me when I had my daughter! We also took each others maternity photos too! Now here I am nearly 10 years later and I am taking their family pictures! 
I can't believe how big these kids have gotten and how fast time goes by. Little Brooklyn is the cutest thing ever with her little tiny voice and all that posing. The boys weren't all that happy with getting their pictures taken until I told them to wrestle with each other and then they were happy and laughing! Boys right?! It was good to see them and squeeze in some time on our vacation to get these done. I'm glad we did! I also got in

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